Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tsunami Hope

Tsunami Hope -A website dedicated to Tsunami efforts in Phuket. This is a picture of a surviving Tsunami baby in Phuket. Has everyone forgotten that fateful day that will forever change some of the lives of people in various parts of Asia. Here's just a little reminder.


Blogger Caleb White said...

It's amazing how quickly people forget catastrophic events when they're not really affected by them. Sometimes even people who are affected by them forget them. I can remember times in my life when it seemed like the world was over, but that does show in my everyday life. I don't act or talk like my mom's had cancer and my dad has a deadly disease...somehow, I forget that kind of thing when I'm doing everyday things like going to school, to church, or posting comments on blogs...we live in a world that tries to ignore its own darkness and sickness. We forget that there are those among us who are facing that darkness every day.
Sadly, though, I have no real answer to this problem. I could try to remember more, but most of the time I'll forget anyway...what can we do?
Thanks for the comment, by the way.

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