Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hope Here

Recently I received a mini message in a bottle trinket from a friend. Simple and yet makes me think of how in this decade, how many hopes we hold on to just to get by every single day. I hope for more salary, more massages, more life experience, health, it's endless. Some desperately hope for things others take for granted-life a shelter, a love-shelter, food, water. And sometimes we hold grudges and feelings for people we don't want the other to know. Here's a channel I hope, to post those messages in a bottle, well, in this case our blog. Perhaps by doing so, we can help each other to lead each other towards our hopes. Who knows?


Blogger Caleb White said...

I found this interesting, because I just recently started a blog that's dedicated to hope. I think a lot of people hope for things that won't give them what they really want or I've dedicated a blog to exploring the things which we really can hope in and for. :-)

7:29 PM  

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